Get Fit In 3 Hours Per Week!

Sample 3-Hour-Per-Week Workout Plan

As you start to incorporate fitness into your life, establishing a set routine or scheduling your workouts is usually a big help. While there's much discussion about the best time of day to exercise, ultimately, for most people it comes down to exercising when you can fit it into your busy schedule. Here's just one example of a how the strength training and cardio workouts can be fit into your week in just 3 hours of exercise:

MondayDay Off (or do Tuesday's Strength Training today, instead
TuesdayCardio: 30 Minutes moderate; Strength Training: 15 Minutes
WednesdayCardio: 30 Minutes moderate
ThursdayCardio: 30 Minutes moderate
FridayDay Off (or do Saturday's Strength Training today, instead)
SaturdayCardio: 30 Minutes moderate; Strength Training: 15 Minutes
SundayCardio: 30 Minutes moderate

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