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Feature Items

  • Spirit XT285 Treadmill

    There are several key areas that define a well-designed treadmill, and the XT285 offers each of them. The XT285 comes equipped with a comfortable 20” x 60” belt and… [more]

  • Schwinn Fitness Airdyne® AD6

    The Airdyne® Exercise Bike is simply smart. Wind resistance is exponential, so the harder you pedal, the higher the resistance becomes. The console is designed to show… [more]

  • Spirit XT385 Treadmill

    The XT385 is designed to keep you motivated mile after mile. Our large 22" x 60" running surface and 3.5HP motor give you all the room and power you need for a… [more]

  • Spirit XE195 Elliptical Trainer

    The XE195 is our entry level elliptical. It is just as dependable as our other models, but with a few less programs and features. This model is very appealing to someone… [more]

  • Spirit XT185 Treadmill

    Short on space? Spirit’s XT185 Treadmill packs a 2.75-HP motor and a 55- by 20-inch, cushioned deck into a stable, folding frame that fits well in any home. The… [more]

  • Spirit XBR25 Recumbent Exercise Bike

    The XBR25 is our entry level semi-recumbent bike with bright LCD screen, adjustable console angle, cooling fan, and mesh back seat. This unit also offers six programs… [more]

  • Spirit XE295 Elliptical Trainer

    The XE295 is our mid-priced traditional elliptical. It has the same features as the XE195 plus two heart rate and user programs, additional console feedback, adjustable… [more]

  • Kurt Kinetic Trainers Road Machine Smart T-2700

    Accurate, affordable and easy to use, Kinetic Introduces new Smart series power trainers for 2016. The Road Machine | Smart trainer combines our benchmark fluid trainer… [more]

  • Spirit XBR55 Recumbent Exercise Bike

    The XBR55 is our mid-priced semi-recumbent bike. It offers all of the conveniences of the XBR25 along with four additional programs, audio jack with speakers, remote… [more]


Get Fit In 3 Hours Per Week!

Sample 3-Hour-Per-Week Workout Plan
As you start to incorporate fitness into your life, establishing a set routine or scheduling your workouts is usually a big help. While there's much discussion about the best time of day to exercise, ultimately, for most people it comes down to exercising when you can fit it into your busy schedule. Here's just one example of a how the strength training and cardio workouts can be fit into your week in just 3 hours of exercise:

Monday Day Off (or do Tuesday's Strength Training today, instead
Tuesday Cardio: 30 Minutes moderate; Strength Training: 15 Minutes
Wednesday Cardio: 30 Minutes moderate
Thursday Cardio: 30 Minutes moderate
Friday Day Off (or do Saturday's Strength Training today, instead)
Saturday Cardio: 30 Minutes moderate; Strength Training: 15 Minutes
Sunday Cardio: 30 Minutes moderate

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